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Jim Peloff, Rachel Eberle Ambrose, and Maxine Miller
Jims, Schafer and Walker
Wavie (he used to be Jack) Sharp and Tracy Joy
New deacon John Thompson and grandson
Jim Walker, Judy Mauk Hill, Rochelle Skinner Oms, Ken Huber, Mike Endris
Ken Huber, Mike and Lois Endris
Kathy Russel Smith and Don
Kathy Russell Smith, Mary Jo Hamm Schafer, and Deena Kleehamer
A very happy Mary Barbara McGarvey
And here she is again with Ida Kersteins Andres
Mike and Alice Reschar Davis
Mike Davis, Ray Castleberry
Mike Endris, Merrily Martel Habermel, Jeanie Sprowles Landgraf, Lois Endris
Mary Ellen Edelin Kelly
Merrily Martel Habermel, Kathy Russell Smith, Don Smith
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