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Bob Kleehamer, Ken Chesser
Betty Lou Rothbauer Helbig, Bob Kleehamer, Doris Rauck Warren, Donna Herman Carter
Bob Oster, Lois Endris
Bev Tussey Chesser, Jeanie Sprowles Landgraf, Merrily Martel Habermel
David Ehlers, Jerry Andres ....
Dave Ehlers, Judy Mauk Hill
David & Dian Tabacheck Hackel
Don Smith & Dave Corcoran, long lost cousins! Who would have thought!
Don and Mary Rose Book Thompson
Georgia Radcliff Leonard and hubby, Bob. Georgia is still beautiful but the camera burped. (Sorry, Georgia.)
That's Georgia in the back, and Dave Corcoran is telling Norm Miller something very entertaining as Don Smith looks on.
Here we all are!
Judy Mauk Hill, Ray Castleberry
Jim and Becky Caufield Peloff, Rachel Eberle Ambrose
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